Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate

Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate
Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate
Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate
Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate
Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate
Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate
Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate
Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate
Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate
Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate
Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate
Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate

Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate
ROLEX PRECISION'COIN EDGE', 9CT, 1959 - HIGHLY COLLECTABLE AND IMMACULATE! 100% Genuine & All Original. Fully Restored, Serviced & Guaranteed.

Beautifully Restored White Dial & Original Leaf Hands. 1210, 17 Jewels Hand-Wound Movement. &S 9ct Hallmarked Coin Edge Solid Yellow Gold Case. High Quality Dark Brown Crocodile Leather Strap & Rolex Gold Plated Buckle.

A Beautiful Very Lightly Used, Immaculate Example. Large Sized 34mm Diameter Coin Edge Case, not including the Crown. Description Here we have a superb, fully restored gentlemans 9ct vintage Rolex Precision Coin Edge dress watch from 1959. The 34mm coin edge case and elegant white dial make this a highly sought after watch, especially when found in such excellent condition.

The Dial This original dial with arrowhead hour indices, centre seconds and original Leaf hands is a most simple and elegant Rolex dial design. This late 1950s design has rightly earned the title of a contemporary classic.

The dial is unusual in having very thin ornate hour indices which add interest to the dial and match with the Leaf hands which are more attractive than the usual batons. This is the original dial which has been restored by our dial restorers to the very highest standards. The Movement The watch carries its original high grade Rolex Calibre 1210 Precision movement, which as can be seen is in spectacularly clean condition. The movement has been completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected and rebuilt using original Rolex parts only where required, by our vintage Rolex specialist watchmaker.

His work is superb and when finally tested, the watch was calibrated and running consistently within 9 seconds per day, which is exceptional for any vintage watch of this age. The movement is all correctly signed MONTRES ROLEX SA GENEVA, SWISS, and 17 JEWELS with the Calibre number 1210 and the reference number N50960. These movements are strong, accurate and very reliable, making the watch perfectly suited for regular everyday use.

This particular movement is in A1 condition and with regular servicing every 3 or 4 years, we would fully expect this watch to run happily for many more decades to come! The Case The original watch case is of particularly high quality, having been made for Rolex by David Shackman & Sons, of Chesham, Bucks, UK.

Shackman were high quality case makers, and one of two English case makers used by Rolex, the other being Dennison & Co. The case, case-back and coin edge bezel are all in superb condition with no marks or scratches visible to the naked eye. This watch has been beautifully well cared for and has simply required a careful clean and gentle polish to bring it back to its current almost new condition. The outside of the case-back is unmarked and polished, and has never been engraved. The case measures 34mm in diameter, not including the original crown and so this is a large sized Rolex Precision by the standards of the day. Inside the case-back the markings are all correct for a Rolex watch case made by Shackman, along with the reference number 08215. The case-back also carries London 9ct hallmarks which date this watch to 1959. Please note, our standard advice applies: Vintage watches should be kept clean and dry at all times. The Strap and Buckle The strap fitted is a new, very high quality dark brown crocodile leather strap with a Rolex gold plated buckle. However, if a different colour or style of strap is preferred, please let us know and we will do our best to oblige free of charge. We carry tan, conker, dark brown and black in stock and in plain padded leather, or crocodile skin or lizard skin. The Box and Papers Although there are no original papers with this watch, the reference numbers, markings and signatures are all correct, dating the watch to 1959. A matching Rolex presentation box is included in the sale. In Conclusion This is a truly first class example of a 1959 vintage Rolex Precision Coin Edge which is ready to wear and completely practical for everyday use. If treated with care, it will make an excellent investment or heirloom piece. Even though vintage gold Rolex prices have risen markedly recently, we still feel good examples such as this are still undervalued and as each year goes by and the world market for vintage gold Rolex watches continues to expand, prices will continue to climb ever higher. This is a highly collectable vintage gold watch from horologys most famous name which will provide an excellent financial investment as well as something to treasure and enjoy! A word on our prices.

We always try our hardest to acquire the very highest quality watches we can find, before then restoring them to the highest possible standards. We then offer these at the fairest prices we can, taking into account our pre and post sales care and service.

This approach means we will never be the cheapest, but nor will we be the most expensive. Indeed there are some well-known stores in West London which are highly successful charging between two to three times the price you see here. We therefore consider our prices to be fair, given the quality of watches we have to offer.

However, if you would like to pay by UK cheque or by bank transfer we will be pleased to assist you with this and pass on a 3% saving to you. Please take a look at our other vintage gold watches. Each package travels through a secure network which is separate from the regular post. The progress of each package is monitored at every stage via a bar-code tracking system. The cut-off for this service is 2pm.

From time to time Vintage Gold Watches may elect to use another courier for some destinations. All our deliveries are insured independently for loss or damage.

Deliveries must be signed for by an adult (defined as person aged 18 or over) at the given address. Please ensure that your package is intact before signing for it, as once signed for, responsibility for the order is transferred to the customer and all liability for loss, damage or theft is transferred from Vintage Gold Watches to the customer at this point. Collection: Watches may be collected by prior appointment from our offices in Bayswater, London W2. Watches will not be available for collection without an appointment.

Our safes are time-locked from Friday until Monday during which time the staff have no access to our stock. We dont want you to have a wasted journey, therefore an appointment is advised. We at Vintage Gold Watches will never see these details and so there is no risk of us losing them.

In addition to being belt and braces secure, this also has the great advantage of being the fastest way to pay, wherever in the world you happen to be. We encourage our UK based customers to pay by UK bank transfer. You simply request our bank details i. This is also known as a Bank Wire Transfer and similar to a bank transfer within your own country, except your bank will request our IBAN number and our BIC /Swift Number.

Vintage Gold Watches London : Passionate about excellence. We particularly love this time period for its elegance, craftsmanship and quality. In fact, we consider this to be the golden age of Swiss watch making, when technical superiority, craftsmanship and design, each combined to provide us with some of the finest timepieces ever made. We are great admirers of 1950s vintage gold watches from Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, Longines, IWC , and Zenith and so these form the basis of our collection. Each of these famous watch houses offer something different in terms of character, style and personality. Rolex is of course the most famous, most notably for the robustness of their movements and the record breaking success of their early automatics and Chronometers. However each has their own claims to fame and are on par and in some ways even better than the biggest brand which wears the golden crown! Then, and only then, if we factor in double digit investment potential, we have something of great appeal and which really adds up! We are very happy to speak with you for as long as you wish, about the key points and differences around all the watches you see here. Wed like to hear your preferences and to help guide you towards the perfect watch you really are seeking! As we often have up to 25 watches undergoing full restoration at any one time, it may be that we have exactly the watch you are looking for, becoming available very shortly! You may for example be seeking a watch manufactured in your birth year, or a watch with a particular kind of dial, or size or price. If so, please let us know as we may already have something of interest in stock. We have strong connections with a good number of fellow watch dealers, so we may well be able to find you a good example of exactly the watch you are seeking much quicker than hours spent on your own. Then if necessary, we will restore a watch for you, using only original parts to make it look as good as the rest of the watches you see available on this website. For simplicity and your own convenience, we try very hard to select and restore watches only of a similar high standard. All are fully overhauled and restored as necessary to bring the watch back as close as possible to its original condition. All have beautifully restored dials and movements and come with solid gold cases without any personalised inscriptions. Generally and where possible, all of our watches have original crowns and lenses fitted. While Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, Longines, IWC , Zenith are the watches we specialise in, we are also willing to source other watches for you if you wish. For more information on this, please see the Need Some Extra Help Finding Your Watch? Section below and further details in our FAQs. A Vintage Gold Watch as an Investment. It is rare indeed to find an investment a gentleman can wear. This intrinsic value is solid, reliable and as perpetual in fact as the timepiece itself! If we were to take a quick look at trends since 2010, we will have seen double digit growth each year, across each of the collectible Swiss watch houses seen here on this site and since the new markets for high quality vintage Swiss watches expand, in China and across the developing world, the positive effect on prices is likely to continue in the foreseeable future.

This situation is not unique to vintage watches Antique guns, classic cars and motorcycles, antique scientific instruments and some mechanical toys also qualify as wasting assets in the same way. But to repeat, ask your financial advisor about this. And perhaps, at the same time, you might ask why he/she hasnt mentioned this before!!

A Vintage Gold Watch in everyday use. It is useful here to consider there are some similarities, in fact quite a few, in owning a vintage watch and owning a vintage car For example, a carefully chosen vintage car, which is regularly maintained and well cared for, can be relied upon in day to day use, quite satisfactorily for a very long time. The same can be said of a vintage (Swiss) watch. Even though a Swiss watch is superbly engineered with legendary Swiss reliability, a vintage watch remains a piece of micro mechanical engineering, made say over 50 years ago and therefore one may not expect the ultimate performance and reliability of its modern equivalent.

For example a vintage automatic watch may still need help with winding from time to time simply because vintage automatic watches are not as efficient as modern ones. Also typical accuracy may vary by say up to + or 30 sec per day. However please note, when we restore a vintage watch we aim for a better than ± 10 sec / day accuracy, when it leaves our hands.

It is best to keep in mind that gold, particularly vintage 18ct gold, is a relatively soft metal alloy which is by no means as hard wearing as the modern equivalent. Therefore some care will be needed to avoid scratches or other damage, which will affect the value of your watch. It is also crucially important that vintage watches are kept away from water, dirt and dust. This is because a vintage watch is unlikely to be be water-proof, no matter what the original specification.

We do not test this and it is not guaranteed therefore water and dust must be avoided as these will definitely cause harm if they come into contact with the movement. Need Some Extra Help Finding your watch? If you have a clear idea of the watch you are looking for, but your search is not proving very fruitful, or it is taking up too much of your time, why not let us do the searching for you? After all we do this every day and we enjoy it!

We will undoubtedly have many more sources and contacts than your good self and for a deposit we will happily beaver away for you until we have found you just the watch you are looking for. We are particularly good at finding watches which have dates which coincide with a special birthday or special anniversary. Please see our FAQs for more details.

Need a little Time To Pay for your watch? It is so simple we take a 20% deposit and provide you a sales invoice for the watch for the full price. No interest is paid because no loan is made! For more background about Vintage Gold Watches and our services please see our FAQs.

How do I know that all your watches are absolutely genuine? This is a sensible and natural concern and one we get asked about a lot. We try to address this in the following manner. Firstly we do assure you, all of our watches are 100% genuine, authentic and completely original, As you will see, this is clearly stated on every one of our listings. By this we mean no after-market internal parts or worse, molestation of the movement!

Further, all the numbers on the movement are correct and the watch case is properly hallmarked and marked with all the brand and references which match the date of the watch. Also the watch has the correct dial for the model and year. We take this very seriously and we stand by this with our unique Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee , covering every watch we sell. These dealers dealers, are very well established and also have strong reputations to protect. Additionally of course, we rely on the lifetime of experience of our vintage specialist watchmaker, who inspects and confirms the authenticity of each and every watch we sell.

Our unique Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee is provided with every watch we sell. We do this not only for your reassurance but so that if we make a mistake, we would prefer to be the first to know and have an opportunity to provide you an immediate remedy. We also try to provide you some the Highest possible resolution photographs available on the Internet. This is to give both expert and inexperienced buyers alike, the best possible view of each and every watch, from each and every angle! In fact our photographs are so large, you will see much more detail, including of the movement, than you would normally see if the watch was bought over the counter on Bond Street London or the Burlington Arcade in London W1.

Indeed more also, than if the watch was on your wrist! Even under a high power magnifying glass! Of which we have seen none larger, so far, from any vintage watch dealer on the Internet! Incidentally, a quick word about fake / copy watches. For a number of reasons it is more difficult and less lucrative to recreate, vintage watches rather than new, or nearly new ones.

Therefore there are much fewer fake/copy vintage watches made, when compared with new, or nearly new, high end brands. And if a fake / copy vintage watch is produced, it is much more likely to be of a particular, very high end watch. Ok I now feel more reassured about your watches, but who are you? Vintage Gold Watches is a partnership, based in Bayswater, London W2. We are very close to the North (Noth-West) side of Hyde Park and very handy for three tube stops as well as Paddington Railway Station.

Plus of course, Internet prices and convenience. As we are predominantly an online business, you will benefit from considerable savings when compared with similar vintage watch dealers with expensive retail premises and other large overheads. Indeed there are some excellent London based bricks and mortar vintage watch dealers we can point you to with prices double!! The prices you see here! And who are the Partners?

Alan , is the principal partner who has been a passionate collector of vintage watches for over 25 years. In 2010 he decided to turn his paying hobby into a full-time business by forming a partnership with Brian, another lifetime collector and trader in vintage watches.

Similarly in 2012, Martyn a watch collector joined us along with Louise who handles our accounts. Then there is our genius, independent repairs and restoration team, which includes two watch makers, a watch dial restorer and a watch-case maker. We consider our primary suppliers to be business partners, because we work so very closely with them.

How do we do this? The simplest way, is if you like the look of a watch and would like to try it on and see how it feels on your wrist, we recommend you to order and pay for the watch online, or indeed by calling us and paying over the telephone.

There is no obligation to keep the watch at this point, because you have 14 days from the date of arrival to decide if you wish to keep the watch. Please note we fit high quality, mostly genuine crocodile straps to all the watches we sell and if a watch has been worn and the strap shows signs of use, we reserve the right to charge for a replacement.

If you are overseas, we are sorry but this policy does not apply. I would really prefer to visit you and view a watch before I pay for it.

Yes, you are very welcome to pay us a visit if you have a particular watch in mind and you would like to view it. However, as we are an Internet only business we do not have a showroom as this would significantly add to our overheads and therefore our prices. If you would like to meet us and view a watch, we will be very pleased to arrange a rendezvous at one of the larger hotels close by where you can relax over a coffee or tea and biscuits on us! And depending if you are using the Tube, Rail, or car, there are three Hilton Hotels within 2 miles radius of us to choose from! We will of course do our best to fit in with your schedule.

Bank Transfers (/Wire) and Bankers Drafts (Photographic ID must be provided). Please allow 2 days for funds to be cleared and for administration and security checks to be carried out. So far all of my watches have been battery powered. Please could you explain Automatic and Manual or Hand Wound Watches? Most high-end watches come equipped with an Automatic or Manual watch movement. These movements are not operated by a battery as they are in a Quartz watch. The automatic watch will continue to keep time through the self-winding mechanism from the movement of your wrist over the course of the day, if the automatic watch has been sitting for a period of days and has not been stored on a watch winder it may need to be wound to set the time and build up a power reserve. A manual watch will need to be wound by hand and set every morning to keep time throughout the day. Has this watch been checked over and properly serviced?

Yes indeed, all of our watches are fully inspected, cleaned, serviced and calibrated by a highly experienced professional watchmaker, before listing on our website. Most of our watches have also been fully restored. So in addition to a mechanical overhaul, the case and dial will be restored.

This is highly specialist work which is carried out by expert craftsmen and we use the best we can find. The watch case is carefully cleaned in a special solution and inspected for any weakness around the lugs, seams and case-back. And if necessary these are strengthened, invisibly, by adding more gold to the inside of the case. The case is then very lightly and carefully polished to bring out the highlights and make it look (almost) new again. Where necessary the dial will be expertly restored (or refinished) by one of the foremost expert dial restorers in the UK.

This is incredibly specialist work which involves very carefully stripping the dial of any paint and lacquer. The dial is then repainted and refinished using the same processes, or better, than the original. In this way, the best restored dials look as good as new and may well last longer than the original. Vintage watch case and dial restoration at this level is so good it often defies belief. For more information please see Servicing / Repairs / Restoration at the very bottom left of the home page.

Please could you explain Automatic and Manual or Hand Wound Watches. What may I reasonably expect, in terms of accuracy, from my vintage wristwatch? Please see the table below. Type of watch and seconds gain/loss per day: Worst Typical Best. Vintage mechanical Swiss watch in good repair +/-60 +/-15 +/-5. Modern mechanical watch non-certified +/-10 +/-5 +/-2.

Modern mechanical watch chronometer certified +6/-4 +/-3 +/-1. Modern quartz watch non-certified (normal) +/-2 +/-1 +/-0.1. Modern quartz watch chronometer certified (rare) +/-0.02 +/-0.02 +/-0.0. Please can you explain to me all about Gold measurement and K, k, ct, karats and carats.

And Yellow gold, White gold, Rose, Pink, Red and more? A Carat (Ct or ct) is a weight measurement in reference to precious gemstones such as Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies. Depending on where you are in the world a Carat may also be used in place of the term karat.

However the term karat is never used in regards to gemstones. A karat (K or k) is the measurement of the purity of gold. Gold itself is very soft, and like silver, it needs to be alloyed with other metals to make it stronger and less expensive. 24 karat gold is considered pure gold, or 100% gold.

To prevent this, gold is alloyed with metals such as silver, copper and zinc. When producing white gold alloys, nickel, copper and zinc are used. So, the karat is measured by the ratio of gold to the alloyed metal. 750 contains 75% pure gold.

585 contains 58.5% pure gold. 417 contains 41.7% pure gold. 375 contains 37.5% pure gold. 10k 14k and 18k are standards used in the U. 9k and 18k are standards used in the UK and Europe.

1 karat of gold = 1000/24. So 9 karat is 37.5% gold.

Divide the carat of gold you have by 24 and the result is the percentage. The remaining percentage of the metals are based on the type of gold you have. Rose, Red and Pink Gold Copper, Silver. White Gold Nickel, Zinc, Copper. Green Gold Silver, Zinc, Copper.

This involves completely dismantling a watch for cleaning and close examination, replacing parts with genuine originals, rebuilding and then testing and calibration. Almost always, the dial and case will also require professional restoration. This is quite often a watch which has been passed on from father to son, or it may have been grandpas watch which has remained in the back of a drawer for many years and become part of his estate. Sentimental reasons aside, it is almost always worthwhile to repair and restore a vintage watch and as long as the watch has not been too badly damaged through corrosion or abuse. In some cases, minor miracles can be achieved in the hands of our experts in bringing good quality vintage watches, back to life!

In more detail, repairs and restoration may involve any or all of the following. The Movement It is often surprising just how long a high quality Swiss watch movement will last.

The answer is, with care and regular servicing, almost indefinitely. This is not only because Swiss watches have always been so very well made, but there is almost always a good supply of parts available for replacement, so it is well worth keeping your watch properly serviced as this will prevent the lubrication from drying out on critical parts of the watch, therefore prolonging the life of the parts and so the watch. The Case Surface scratches will occur with use and are usually no problem as these can often be removed without any loss of definition to the case. Deep scratches and engravings are far more difficult to repair / restore, but can be repaired by a specialist wristwatch case-maker.

If the case is in very good original condition and has never been polished, it is better to clean the case and not polish it, in order to retain the original look and feel of the watch. The Case-Back Unwanted engravings can be successfully removed, again by a specialist case-maker.

The results can be dramatic with no loss of thickness of the gold. However this is highly skilled work and an estimate can only be provided when we have inspected the case-back. Lugs Where the strap or bracelet fixes to the case, one of the four lugs can become damaged or even break away, but this can be repaired. The Dial Scratched, pitted and mottled dials can be restored or refinished to a very high standard. If the best dial restorers are used, the results are often spectacular and as good as new.

However, this again can be expensive and if the dial is in good condition, it may be better to leave the dial alone to retain the originality of the watch. The Hands/Winding Crown Over many years, hands and winding crowns are often replaced with generic crowns.

We can usually source period hands/crowns but these can be scarce and expensive. The Lens While scratched acrylic lenses can be polished, we prefer to replace. A little more expensive, but in our opinion, well worthwhile. To summarise, the restoration of a valuable vintage gold watch can be expensive, but almost always worthwhile. The cost is usually less than the value added to the watch and perhaps more importantly, brings back to life something which will always be treasured and enjoyed for generations to come! ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL, 18CT PINK, 1954 - VERY RARE AND IMMACULATE! ROLEX OYSTER PRECISION, 10CT 1951, EXPLORER STYLE 3-6-9 DIAL - IMMACULATE! ROLEX PERPETUAL CHRONOMETER, 9CT, 1957, NON-OYSTER ROLEX AUTOMATIC - RARE. LADIES ROLEX PRECISION 9CT BRACELET / COCKTAIL WATCH, 1962 - UNRESTORED DIAL! As well as a web destination, "Vintage Gold Watches" is a partnership based in Bayswater, Central London (W2) U. Servicing / Repairs / Restoration.

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Rolex Precision'coin Edge', 9ct, 1959 Highly Collectable And Immaculate